OSIM Mentors programs Target Group

OSIM Mentors target children and youth aged 12-35 years, both in school and out of school. The content is tailor-made to the age and capabilities of the beneficiaries. In the process, we also target the parents and guardians.

Our Programs

Osim Mentors Ngong Entreprenuaship Training

Entrepreneurship Training

Information and skills under this area include::

  • Turning passion and talents into income-generating activities.
  • Identifying profitable business ideas
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Identifying and accessing sources of business funding.
  • Business registration and branding.
  • Preparing for job interviews
OSim mentors Ngong Life Skills

Life Skills Training

We have identified critical life skills that are relevant and significant to the youth in navigating the different transitional stages, these include:

  • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness,
    Self-regulation, empathy, motivation,
    social skills)
  • Communication skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Responsible use of the internet and social media.
Osim mentors Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Information and skills under this area include:

  • Factors pushing and pulling one to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Effects and consequences of substance abuse on the individual, family, and nation at large.
  • Signs and symptoms of substance abuse.
  • How to say NO to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • How to help someone to quit addiction
    Where to seek for help.

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