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CategoriesAlcohol and Drugs abuse

4 Categories of Psychoactive Substances

4 CATEGORIES OF PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES   Did you know that psychoactive substances are grouped into at least 4 categories? They are referred to as “psychoactive’ from the word “psycho” that implies, “brain”. This is because these substances and drugs affect your brain and changes how you behave or perceive what is happening around you.Pychoactive Substances […]

CategoriesAlcohol and Drugs abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drugs, also referred to as psychotherapeutic prescriptions, are meant to treat physical and mental illnesses. They relieve pain, anxiety and depression. They are prescribed by a doctor to a patient, or bought from pharmacies. Prescription drugs and over the Counter (OTC) drugs, are legitimate and are taken as per the doctor’s instructions. Unfortunately, people […]

CategoriesAlcohol and Drugs abuse

Alcohol; the oldest drink?

Alcohol is one of the oldest and most commonly consumed recreational drinks in the world. From time immemorial, mankind has consumed alcohol for a number of reasons implying that alcohol is beneficial to mankind. But what is alcohol? It is a type of chemical called ethanol which is a by-product of fermented grains, fruits and […]

CategoriesAlcohol and Drugs abuse


1st: Quality This refers to whether the alcohol being consumed is manufactured from the right materials. Remember , alcohol is a chemical called ethanol, which is a by-product of fermented grains ,fruits or vegetables. Unfortunately, we have witnessed cases where toxic and poisonous chemicals such as methanol  are used to manufacture cheap spirits. These products […]

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